I’m just gonna leave this out here…

Prompt - suicidal!Derek

Stiles and Derek are together, with all that mate bonding where they can feel each other. Derek starts getting distant and shuts the bond so Stiles can’t feel him. Stiles tries to get close and find out what’s wrong but the emotional constipated sourwolf of course doesn’t say and kind of lashes out at him. Stiles believes Derek wants to break up with him and tries talking to Derek again, but Derek still doesn’t tell him what’s wrong and they argue and Stiles say some really harsh things and breaks up with him. So Derek maybe uses that wolfsbane smoke thing that Mama Argent used on Scott. As he is dying he isn’t strong enough to keep suppressing the bond and suddenly Stiles is hit with all Derek was feeling (something about Laura, or the fire, his family… maybe Peter shared his memories with him??? On the anniversary of the fire??? I don’t know, just make it REALLY BAD. On top of that he doesn’t have Stiles anymore). Of course Stiles also feels he’s dying and go to him, maybe Isaac and Scott are with him and help??? He’s barely alive and they take him to Deaton or the hospital or both and he could still die. BUT HE SURVIVES and wakes up and gets better and STILES TAKES CARE OF HIM. Bonus points if somehow Sheriff is involved and turns on his protective parent mode on Derek.

Someone PLEASE write this!!! I’ve read A LOT of suicidal!Stiles and I love all of then maybe way too much and now I need it to be Derek. Come on writers, do it, bring on the pain and angst and Derek feels, you know you want to. PLEASE!!!

If anyone writes this PLEASE send it to me!!!